Natural menopause is a part of a women’s lives and we should embrace it

menoMenopause is something no woman can hide from. Menopause is a part of our life cycle. It is also a very difficult tome in a woman’s life. Luckily for us there are all sorts of menopause remedies, which give us menopause relief. The kind of menopause remedies that work best for lowering the symptoms of menopause are definitely herbal remedies for menopause. Before trying herbal remedies for menopause, to get natural menopause relief, I had tried conventional drug remedies. However I would find they would have all sorts of side effects, which natural treatment doesn’t have.

But menopause remedies that are natural and herbal are great for our bodies. Getting natural menopause relief from natural remedies found in plants and thing found in nature is much better than the relief you can get from menopause remedies, which are drugs. I was very lucky that I found the correct woman to lead me to natural menopause treatment. Regular doctors don’t talk to you much about herbal remedies for menopause, and luckily for me, my mentor for this was my belly dance teacher. She helped me get natural menopause relief for my natural menopause. She is older than me; she already went through menopause and is a beautiful Swiss hippie chick that is very naturalistic. I had been going to classes with her for three years now. I know it can sound funny the idea of two women in their menopause doing belly dance but we actually have found it helps us a lot to exercise and feel sexy.

I recommend doing bellydance to women all ages. So anyway, my cool bellydance teacher introduced me to all sorts of herbal menopause remedies when I spoke to her about my terrible symptoms and hot flashes. She was always hot, she is the person I know who’s suffered the worst from hot flashes. Sometimes in classes she just takes her shirt off and gives the class in her underwear because she is so hot. I admire her because she doesn’t care what people might think of her. Some of the natural menopause treatment she told me about was to have a very healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise. Also she told me about natural herbs used for getting menopause remedies. Some of this were lavender, licorice root, sandalwood, and roses. These help to get natural menopause relief and get less hot flashes, irritability, and other menopause symptoms. Some other herbal remedies for menopause can be found in regular herbs we may eat on a daily bases and even cook with them such as thyme and nutmeg. These have some estrogen they can give us.

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It is better to get your estrogen and phytoestrogens from food than having to take pills for it. This way it is a more natural way for your body to get it. I am very happy I started using natural menopause treatment and I recommend it to women everywhere. It is also very important to understand that menopause is a natural part of our life and we should embrace it just like any other stage in life.

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